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Yes... We are approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

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Includes 27 proven coaching frameworks for immediate use and results with clients...

Here is your best path to coach dynamic leaders:
A coach training and certification program specifically for accomplished professionals who aspire to be in the top 5% of coaches....

Not Academic -- No Fluff
Focus on Practical Results for Leaders

Within a few months of starting your program, I got a $50,000 coaching engagement. Soon after, I got three new coaching assignments by using your tools and unique approach. Now the referrals keep coming.
- Len Rothman
In only 6 months since I finished the program I have now earned my PCC Credential and just signed my 3rd $50K+ company contract...I searched extensively before choosing the CEC and found NO other program that offers the combination of exceptional, practical content, a coaching toolbox my clients love, and branding and marketing content that has been THE key to my success thus far. The value is 10 to 20 times the cost.
- John Moore

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Dear Professional:

At the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC), your success is my success. After all, I wouldn't be much of a coach if you didn't actually succeed in your quest to become a top executive & leadership coach.

Would you rather see a webinar about the executive coaching opportunity?


words The CEC program -- which has been approved as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and for training hours by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) -- not only gives you comprehensive executive coach training; you'll also be taken through a step-by-step process to establish your executive & leadership coaching business. This includes a detailed marketing plan, tailored to attract your favored clients using proven successful strategies. If you are an internal coach, the program shows you how to build credibility in your organization so that executives and managers seek you out for your coaching skills.

I can't speak for other executive coaching programs and I won't make earnings claims for you but I do know that some of our members are accustomed to earning in the mid-six figures and up, and at least one coach now earns $1.4 million while working to build a $5 - $7 million firm. In addition to coaching, some of our members also have published books, get paid to speak, and recognized as leaders in their respective markets. Equally important, once they graduate from the CEC, our members feel confident, comfortable, and competent as coaches -- whether working to build credibility and attract clients, or working with clients on their most challenging leadership issues. Meanwhile, internal coaches become trusted advisers at all levels of their organizations.

In the next 10 minutes, I'll show you how this is possible for you ... Of course, choosing an executive coach training and certification program is not a decision to make lightly. Therefore, I appreciate your willingness to take the time to do your due diligence and get all of the information required to make the right choice for you. Keep reading to learn about the Executive Coaching Opportunity, what makes our Certified Executive Coach training program unique, how the program works, what you receive, pricing, and our pledge to you, along with testimonials from some of our members....


The Executive Coaching Opportunity

words Studies by a number of organizations have shown that executive coaching returns anywhere from $4 to $8 per dollar invested. As a result, executive coaching has become a standard leadership development tool for executives, managers, and up-and-coming talent in large and small organizations. More and more Global 2000 companies are hiring executive coaches, and the market is wide open for the hundreds of thousands of organizations in the small- to mid-sized range.

Being an executive coach is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. You gain a profound understanding of what it means to be a highly effective leader, and get to share this understanding with others. You can work from wherever you want; make your own hours; choose your clients; work with incredibly dynamic people; and, if you wish, become a sought-after expert, speaker, and author.

Meanwhile, if you are an internal coach, you have the opportunity to make a huge difference in your organization, and can use our materials for coaching as well as for developing leadership development programs and curricula, facilitating team development, and assisting in organizational change. The fact is that many internal coaches today lack the credibility they desire and deserve; our methodologies and tools can help you to have a bigger impact while opening up new opportunities for you.

words Whether you are an internal or external coach, we equip you with the tools and methodologies so that you can enjoy one of the most fulfilling, flexible, and potentially lucrative careers that there is. Our support doesn't end, so that you always take comfort knowing that you are one call away from a sounding board and expert guidance.

This course opened my eyes to the huge potential in Executive Coaching for me.
- Raghwa Gopal, Chairman, Gopal Holdings Ltd
This was one of the best professional development experiences that I have ever done while at the same time being one of the best values! The content and structure was ideal and struck the optimum balance of being immediately useful in my practice, being based on expert level Executive Coaching methods and frameworks, while getting the hands-on professional practice and role- playing to make it stick. In addition, this was extremely motivational and an excellent opportunity to get to meet like-minded professionals for further network expansion.
- Marshall Calman, Calman Business Advisors
Your program has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. You provide great value (10 times the cost!) and have helped me shorten the time I thought it would take to get my coaching practice launched. I look forward to the teleconferences and always come away with a key insight that I can apply. So thank you.
- Jeff Haltrecht, Executive Coach, Ontario

DEFINITELY Not for Everyone

Executive & leadership coaching is not for everyone, not by a long shot. Only a small percentage of people in the general population have what it takes to succeed as an executive & leadership coach.

Meanwhile, not every coach training program prepares you to succeed as an executive & leadership coach, either. There are many programs out there that we call "coach light." Assuming you can get yourself hired at all, the content that you learn in many of these programs will get you fired immediately -- especially by a busy, already-successful, and skeptical executive. That's why every day we hear from coaches who went to other training programs and then come to us saying, "My coach training program didn't prepare me with the right content or support to succeed as an executive coach."

The fact is that, to succeed in this market - whether you are a solo professional or an internal coach -- you need to be grounded in a set of methodologies, conversations, and tactics that engage executives and help them get results.

words With our Certified Executive Coach training program and credentialing process, we provide you with the training and tools you need to succeed, but we also know that there are some things we can't teach you. If you like to do things by rote and formula then executive coaching and our program are probably not for you. However, if you possess a keen interest in human dynamics and how they interface with organizational success, and wish to apply your sensibilities to achieve the extraordinary, then you may find yourself among the top 5% of earners in a relatively short time.

A sincere thank you. You stretched me, which proves the value. Your program is smart, sharp, and to the point. It is full of content, and an absolutely great value. I got many insights into my business and my own behavior.
- Neall Ryon, Quest Coaching & Consulting

A Small, Highly-Personalized Program

Our program is small and selective, with no more than 30 active members in the program at any one time. About 70 percent of our members come from referrals. The small size of the program allows you to focus on YOUR specific goals, and get the support you need to succeed.

words Members come from a variety of backgrounds, including: successful executives and managers who want a new career path; professionals who want to add coaching to their service offerings (i.e., management consultants, HR consultants, accountants, and attorneys); psychiatrists and psychologists; coaches who want to take their practice to a new level; HR executives; high-level training and development professionals; pastors and church leaders; non-profit executives; baby boomers looking for a new career; seasoned retirees looking to get back into the workforce; retired government personnel who served in leadership positions; elite athletes who want to bring their knowledge about top performance to organizations; speakers; authors; and entrepreneurs.

We have trained people from such organizations as: AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Bank of America, Xerox, Deloitte, Microsoft, Valassis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Booz Allen, McKinsey Consulting, Lexis Nexis, Caterpillar, Inland Steel, the National Basketball Association, Philips, and the Department of Defense. We have also created private-label executive coaching programs for international organizations, including one of the world's largest coach franchises.

We train both independent coaches and internal coaches.

The common denominator of the people who join our program is that they are already successful, dynamic people who can think on their feet, have a passion to help people achieve extraordinary results, and are committed to ongoing learning and development.

If you have the above attributes, want to make a difference, and feel truly passionate about helping other people get even better, then executive coaching might be a perfect fit for you.

10 out of 10! You have accelerated my creative juices. I see many new possibilities for my coaching and consultancy practice. The energy level is very high, which really helps learning and creativity, and time has flown by!
- Iain Pullinger, CEO, the PPM Doctor Limited
I am now convinced I can be a 'go-to' coach.
- Professor Nathaniel Oghagbon, CEO, Nth Concept Coaching
The course provided inspiration and practical know-how to be the best one can be in the competitive field of executive coaching.
- Russell Haack, MABC, The North Star Coach

About Us

Before telling you more about the Certified Executive Coach training program and exactly what you receive, let me tell you a bit more about the organization. First, my name is Andrew Neitlich, and I am the Founder and Director of The Center for Executive Coaching. I have been coaching clients for almost two decades, and have a busy practice focused primarily on professional service firms, university administrators, executives in large regional and national non-profits, entrepreneurs and their teams in emerging growth companies, and healthcare executives. I started out as a management consultant after graduating from Harvard Business School in 1991. After I had success leading a number of multi-million dollar projects, my clients started requesting coaching as an alternative to the highly invasive consulting process. When I shifted to a coaching model, I made more money with less time and effort, and had a lot more fun. It didn't take long for my former consulting colleagues to ask me to train them, and their associates, to get into executive coaching. Once they started referring me to their colleagues, I formalized the Center for Executive Coaching in 2002.

Since then, we have been approved by the International Coach Federation and Human Resources Certification Institute. Professionals from 32 countries around the world have joined the program. We have been hired by the world's largest business coach franchise to develop their executive coach training content and curriculum. Companies and associations worldwide hire us to train their employees and members to learn how to coach executives and managers.

Meanwhile, I have teamed up with Guerrilla Marketing Founder and Father Jay Conrad Levinson to write a series of books with him, including: Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career (included when you join the Center for Executive Coaching Certification), and Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches. This is in addition to the proprietary textbooks for The Center for Executive Coaching, including: Elegant Leadership: Simple Strategies, Remarkable Results; The Way to Coach Executives; and The Professional's Essential Business Development Manual.

Before you join this program, I invite you to call me directly on my cell at 941- 539-9623 so that we can confirm that there is a fit. I don't know any other program that gives you the Director's personal cell phone, and I do this because this program really is different. All I ask is that you first read this entire page and make sure that you think there is a fit with your goals and budget, and that you are excited about joining the program. If you have more general questions, email us at

You have a depth and breadth of experience that you bring to your presentations. You use anecdotes that illustrate the material, and this is very effective.
- Ronald N. Cooke
You have a wealth of practical knowledge and skills in executive coaching. The program is valuable for its networking, and your innovative, encouraging, professional input and facilitation.
- Pam Usher, MBA, B.Ed, AICD
The information and practical applications I learned made it worth far more than the cost.
- Tim Riggs

In-Person and Distance Learning Options for Your Convenience

You can join our distance learning program or come to our in-person Executive Coach Certification Seminars at a resort on the beach in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. Note that our Seminars include membership in our distance learning program so that you get lifetime support before and after you attend our in-person program.

Our next in-person Seminar dates are:

  • February 4-7, 2016
  • May 12-15, 2016

Click here for more info.

The Center for Executive Coaching Advantage

The emphasis of our Certified Executive Coach training and credentialing program is simple: Get great clients, get great results, and build a successful practice.

Following are the ways that we help you do that, as well as why we stand out:

  • A proven coaching methodology. One of the main reasons an executive hires a coach is because the coach has a proven, proprietary methodology that gets results and addresses their most pressing issues. Unfortunately, most coaches don't have a proprietary methodology, or even know what one is. They just ask open ended questions in the hopes that the client has some sort of sudden insight. At the Center for Executive Coaching, we give you a powerful methodology that is an efficient path to results with clients. We also show you how to create your own coaching methodologies, so that you continue to stand apart with your own branding.
  • A no-fluff focus on results. If you aren't getting specific, ambitious results with your clients, you aren't going to last long in this business. Our program has no fluff. We give you ways to assess your client and the situation, understand gaps between where the client is and wants to go, and develop a clear path to getting results -- results worth five to ten times your fees. At the same time, we practice what we call "nowhere to hide coaching," so that your clients are willing to look in the mirror and face the real issues.
  • Content with both depth and impact. Our content is rich and deep. It focuses on the key issues that executives face. We know what executives expect, and we know that other programs fall short. Examples of the content you receive when you join The Center for Executive Coaching include: the executive dashboard, career development planning, setting strategic direction, engaging and mobilizing employees, building one's powerbase of relationships, understanding the politics of making things happen, managing up, collaborating effectively, influence conversations with impact, having conversations to move things forward to results, thinking comprehensively about complex issues, communicating with impact, the behaviors and attitudes of the leader, identifying and reframing limiting beliefs that hold executives back, and eliminating behavioral blind spots that can derail one's career.
  • A comprehensive approach. Some coaching programs focus only on behaviors, while others only deal with one's internal state and way of being. The Center for Executive Coaching takes a comprehensive view of the client and of human performance. We start with perceptions, behaviors, and overall ways of being. Then we focus on the client's relationships, key decisions, strategic issues, organizational culture, and even any distractions outside of work that might have an impact on their performance. Even with this comprehensive approach, we still insist that our coaches learn how to coach efficiently. For this reason, we show you how to create a high-impact coaching plan based on each client's unique situation and goals.
  • A practical process. If you want academic theory, join a ridiculously- priced program at a local college or university. Then come back to us to fill in the gaps. Our process shows you how to get real results with demanding executive-level clients, as well as a practical system to attract clients and build a successful practice.
  • Helping you to become an established expert and thought leader. To succeed as a coach, you should think of yourself as more than a coach. You are a thought leader, an expert, and a trusted advisor. Once you have this perspective, huge opportunities become available to you. You can build a firm that is worth something, and that you can sell. You can write books, speak, develop seminars, and become a sought-after expert in the market. You can also offer multiple services to your clients, depending on your interests and talents, and including consulting, training, and facilitation. Of course, you can focus on offering one-on-one coaching, but with this new perspective, you can become the go-to professional and open up all sorts of new possibilities. There is an art to making this happen, along with a few key skills and strategies. We show you how.
  • Tools for you to use with your clients. This is not a fuzzy or theoretical program. You get practical, hard-hitting tools to use with your clients, including dozens and dozens of interactive worksheets filled with insights and powerful questions for clients to consider. You can even adapt and re-brand these tools with your name and firm, so long as you give us a footnote. This benefit saves you the trouble of having to reinvent the wheel and lets you get started immediately as an executive coach.
  • Flexible for the busy professional. Our members are often busy professionals, and some are working full time while preparing to make a change. That's why we set our program up so that you can learn in the way that works best for you. It starts with an orientation call to declare your goals and develop the best approach for you, along with a Quick Start Guide and your syllabus. Then you choose from a variety of ways to learn the materials, depending on your schedule and preferences. Listen to weekly live telecalls. Log into our member database to listen to all of our past telecalls. Have one-on-one practice coaching sessions directly with the Founder and Director or the program. You can also practice with other members, or with your colleagues; if you record these sessions, we are delighted to review them for you. In addition, you get printed manuals that contain all of the tools and methodologies. Finally, we offer live seminars for those who want an intensive, rapid path to Certification.
  • ACTP Approved by the right organizations. We are approved by both the International Coach Federation, and the HR Certification Institute (HRCI). Click here to see the program description in ICF required format.
  • Phenomenal business development system to attract clients, build your practice, and develop your own valuable brand. For the solo coaching professional or firm owner, you won't find a better place to get the support you need to attract clients and build your practice. You get three marketing manuals, and valuable guidance about the best way to set your practice apart, get clients, and build a firm. We are also delighted to review your marketing plans and messages; members rave about our ability to make their marketing strategies and materials much more effective. Approximately 75 percent of members report that they get at least one new client within 3 months of joining the program, which pays back their investment immediately.
  • Highly personal support throughout. This is a small, exclusive program. All tele-classes are taught directly by me, the Founder and Director of the program. You can email me any time to set up a meeting to talk about your marketing, client situations, or practice coaching conversations. I pledge to get back to your requests within one business day, and members report that my personal commitment to their success is one of the most remarkable parts of this program. We also match you up with other members on request, so that you can form alliances and get support from them, too.
This has added great insight into how to add value to client needs, exploring ways of converting challenges to opportunities and ideas into reality. Your ability to bring concepts into reality adds great value to each participant so they can utilize the information in their coaching business.
- Catherine Rocheleau, Ignite Solutions Consulting
You get right to the point with strategies and structure for executive coaching. Thank you from moving me from being a generalist to being a specialist.
- Jim Reilly, Executive Coach, Keys to the Business
You helped clarify the direction for me to move forward. Excellent overall experience.
- Wolf Weber, Contigro Performance Solutions Ltd

Exactly How the Program Works

This is a distance learning program, but it is NOT an online only program. Meeting As soon as you sign up by clicking any of the red buttons on this page, your manuals (described below) and a welcome letter are mailed to you Priority Mail. You also receive a password to our member area and invitations to our weekly live tele- calls. As soon as you receive your materials, you schedule an orientation call with me. On that call, we discuss your goals with the program, and design your custom curriculum - in addition to the regular live tele-call schedule. For some people, this means an emphasis on marketing your practice and attracting clients. For others, we develop the fastest path to certification as an executive coach. It is up to you. Because this is a small program, you get a high level of support and personalization.

To get Certified, you need to complete six one-on-one mock coaching calls directly with me. It takes most members three to six months on average to get Certified.

Once you join the program, you are a member for life. Members from five years ago still call regularly to discuss current client issues, new marketing strategies, and to keep up with new content as we add it. You can also send over any new marketing materials anytime for review, including your website. We are REALLY good at helping people improve their marketing strategies and collateral.

Would You Like to See Our Full Program Curriculum? Click Here.

We also offer in-person coach intensive programs that result in participants getting Certified in a few days. However, you need to be a member of our distance learning program to be eligible to attend. If you want to get Certified more quickly, attending one of our in-person programs might be your best option. Also, participants rave about the format, pace, practical exercises, and the fantastic people they meet. To learn more about our in-person programs, click here.

The overall value was gaining an operational understanding of how to build my business and do my business. One of the biggest benefits is developing relationships with talented participants. Great!
- Len Rothman, Leadership & Executive Development, Leadership at Work LLC
This program helped me to clarify my niche, gave me additional frameworks to incorporate into my business, and left me with a clear action plan to take my business to the next level.
- Joan K. Sloan, Owner, By Example LLC, Coaching and Performance Consulting
The program stimulated ideas, gave opportunities to practice with other 'like' professionals, and provided and international network of opportunity. I was able to focus my vision for an executive coaching practice and see where my unique edge was.
- Nicole Haibach, Executive Results Director, Authentic Holdings

Exactly What You Receive

30-Minute Personal Orientation Call

After you register, you receive the entire library of CEC resources (listed below) in the mail. As soon as you receive them, we'll set up a private call where you have the chance to ask questions, discuss your CEC program objectives, and clarify your goals as an executive coach. You can schedule this call immediately on receipt of the materials, or take as much time as you wish to review the materials first. It is up to you, and there is no time limit to set up your orientation call or, for that matter, to complete the program.

Quick-Start Guide to our Coaching System

Your member area includes a valuable, concise set of audio recordings that give you a rapid overview of our entire coaching system. These recordings quickly orient you to the content, process, and context of being a successful coach. It gives you a road map for success, and the big picture of how to get results for clients and build your practice. That way, you can put our system to work for you rapidly. From there, you can dive into the other content in the program with complete confidence -- and focus on the modules that are most important to your personal development as a coach.

The Entire CEC Library of Resources... NOTE: While you get a great set of resources with our library, the program is not just a bunch of books that you read. It is nothing at all like that. The program is organized into specific teaching modules that cover every aspect of executive coaching: process, content, marketing, engagement structure, and coaching executives through dozens of the most pressing, specific situations that executives face.

The Way to Coach Executives

The Way to Coach Executives is a concise, high-impact overview on the A to Z process of executive coaching. Topics include: how to set up engagements, start your session, set expectations about scope, assess and diagnose the situation, ask powerful questions that get results, and manage difficult situations and clients. It also has separate chapters focused on each of the most pressing issues that executives face. Each of these chapters includes step-by-step frameworks along with a master coach's guidance about how to recognize what's really going on, how to avoid getting stuck or falling into common coaching traps, and how to maximize the power of your coaching sessions for optimal results. This book forms the core of your program, and is augmented by our live telecalls and the audio lectures in your member area - along with worksheets that also come with your program.

Elegant Leadership - Simple Strategies, Remarkable Results

With Elegant Leadership, you will create the unique content of your executive coaching business. At 212 large format pages and dozens of worksheets, this is certainly 'the meat' of the CEC program in terms of arming yourself with the tools, processes, strategies, and techniques to ensure your success.

Andrew Neitlich has produced a user's guide to outstanding performance... a must read and more importantly, a must do!
- Len Schlesinger, President of Babson College, former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Limited, Inc.

Your Step-By Step Marketing Plan Guide to Attract Clients... Along with Complete Review of Your Marketing Strategy and Plan

We give you a remarkable step-by-step marketing guide that is simple, easy to complete, and extremely powerful. Our members rave about this proprietary guide, because it lays everything out in a way that is easy to understand and easy to implement. Whether you are setting up a private practice and becoming an internal coach, this plan gives you everything you need to communicate your value, attract clients, set yourself apart, and build your reputation in the market quickly and effectively.

The guide comes with dozens of recorded audios to get you going immediately. In addition, your member area includes sample marketing collateral and even our template coaching contract, so that you have everything you need for success.

NOTE: This manual is IN ADDITION to Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, which you also receive with your program.

Most importantly, we don't leave you hanging to create your marketing strategy and plan by yourself. As part of your program, in addition to weekly business development telecalls for all members, Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich personally reviews and works with you on your marketing message, action plan, website, and even how to structure and price engagements with prospective clients. This support lasts as long as you need it. It's like having your own business development coach and expert on call for you - without paying anything extra.

The Career Transition Coaching Manual

Career Transitions for Executives is a hot topic these days, and so we also include a 153-page Career Transition Coaching Manual, from our sister site The Center for Career Coaching. This manual gives you a practical and powerful four-part methodology to help your clients find the best fit for their next role, find new opportunities that are not posted publicly, and make a successful transition into a new role. It is ideal for coaching executives, whether they are satisfied in their current role while thinking about long-term career development, ready to move their career in a new direction, or transitioning into the crucial first 90 days of a new position. This manual will deepen your executive coaching tool kit and bring even more value to your clients.

Weekly Teleconferences

Participants in the CEC program are invited to take part in a series of weekly, interactive, executive coach training tele-classes to discuss client situations, build executive business coaching skills, and share best practices. I personally lead these classes. We cover the entire executive coaching process, methodologies, conversations, and over 27 specific leadership challenges that executives, managers, and up-and-coming talent face.

Here is a small listing of what your agenda includes:

  • Executive coaching defined: What it is and what is isn't.
  • Why executive hire a coach, and why they don't.
  • The executive coaching process.
  • Developing a proprietary coaching methodology.
  • The executive coaching engagement structure.
  • The 11 executive coaching conversations.
  • Assessing the client and the situation efficiently and for maximum impact.
  • Behavioral coaching to eliminate behavioral blind spots.
  • Perceptual coaching to reframe limiting beliefs.
  • The executive dashboard.
  • Influence skills.
  • Getting ideas accepted up, down, and across the organization.
  • Career development.
  • Building one's powerbase within and outside the organization.
  • Engage and mobilize employees.
  • Thinking comprehensively despite daunting complexity.
  • Setting strategic direction.
  • Integrating effective being and effective doing.
  • Communicating powerfully as a leader.
  • Creating a high-performance culture.
  • Marketing your executive coaching practice.
  • Developing frameworks to establish yourself as a thought leader.
  • Building programs and products.
  • Mock coaching sessions / demonstrations / role-play exercises.

PLUS: Don't worry if you miss a call. All calls are recorded and we send out a link to students immediately so you can download and listen at your convenience.

Click here to see our full agenda.

Note: following the completion of the CEC program, you will be welcome to continue to attend these teleconferences for ongoing support and further skill development.

Just wanted to mention again how much I enjoy your classes. Even when the material is 'review' I learn something new each time, just from the examples you give or the questions and comments from the other participants. The classes are a high point of my week - I always leave feeling energized.
- Barbra Sundquist

Special Bonus Tele-Calls: Attracting Clients and Building a Successful Firm

Your program includes additional tele-calls that guide you through the process of attracting clients and building a firm. We begin by showing you how to get your first clients, then how to fill your schedule with all the clients you can handle, and then we take it even further. We show you a variety of strategies -- and I have done all of them -- to build leverage in your practice and create a practive that earns money for you even if you aren't working directly with clients. In other words, you learn how to make money without trading your time for dollars. This includes step-by-step instructions to: market information products, write and publish a book quickly, lead seminars, form powerful alliances with complementary professionals, create subscription programs for your clients, learn to license your content, and become a sought-after speaker. These bonus calls show you how to do these things, and I will also work with you personally to help you develop your firm building strategy and road map. If you have aspirations of developing a firm and being the go-to expert in your market -- and reaping the rewards of streams of income and higher fees -- then you will find these calls to be a highlight of your career. The value of these calls is never-ending, and some of our members have seen their revenues multiply by following the insights provided in these calls, including seasoned coaches with existing practices.

Exclusive Online Member Area Featuring All Past Lectures... in Downloadable mp3 Format

As soon as you join, you get access to all past teleclasses in our exclusive online member area - plus access to each and every lecture after they happen (in case you miss any or would prefer not to attend the live classes). You can listen online from your computer, or download the recordings to any recording device as an mp3 file. Listen in your car, while exercising or relaxing, or any time you wish and use this wealth of exclusive information to strengthen every aspect of your coaching and business practice.

Remember: This area also serves as an archive storing all future lectures. That way, you constantly get new information to upgrade your executive coaching practice and skills!

A Complete Library of 27 Tools for You to Use With Your Clients IMMEDIATELY on Registering.

When you join the Center for Executive Coaching, you get a complete library of 27 practical, hard-hitting tools to use with your clients, including hundreds of worksheets filled with insights and powerful questions for clients to consider. You can even adapt and re-brand these tools with your name and firm, so long as you give us a footnote. This benefit saves you the trouble of having to reinvent the wheel and lets you get started immediately as an executive coach.

These materials come to you in a variety of formats so that they are easy for you to learn and use, including: a Word version, an Excel spreadsheet version, and a webinar-style video that walks you through the tool. In addition, we practice using these tools in our weekly teleclasses.

The tools include methodologies to help clients with: changing a key behavior to be more effective; reframing a limiting perception; getting control of time and overcoming “overwhelm,” engaging and mobilizing employees; creating a high-performance team; influencing others; getting ideas accepted throughout the organization; fostering collaboration; communicating with greater impact; thinking comprehensively about issues; creating a high-performing culture; resolving a conflict; building one’s powerbase; managing (or leading) up; setting strategic direction; creating a succession plan; succeeding in the crucial first 100 days of a new role; developing a Board of Directors; creating a culture of service excellence; cultivating the right attitudes as a leader; and many more.

Simply put: NO OTHER PROGRAM OFFERS THIS LEVEL OF DEPTH AND BREADTH IN COACHING TOOLKITS THAT ARE FOCUSED ON GETTING RESULTS FOR MANAGERS, EXECUTIVES, LEADERS, AND UP AND COMING TALENT. What’s more, you can even re-purpose these tools for seminars, trainings, facilitated meetings, group coaching, and internal leadership development programs.


Members of the Center for Executive Coaching never run out of things to say to help clients improve performance results. That's because you have access to an online database of coaching conversations and powerful, practical questions. When preparing to meet with a client, click on the situation your client is facing, and you instantly see the best lines of discussion to have with your client. Unlike superficial books of basic coaching questions, this database is focused on helping you work with leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and managers on their most pressing issues. You get a logical, practical, powerful approach to results and improved performance. Over 1,000 coaching conversations and questions!

A Personal, Robust, 5th Generation Assessment Tool and Executive Session - a $750 Value

Your program gives you eleven ways to assess your client, so that you both know exactly what the gaps are and how to address them. In addition, you get to take one of the leading assessment tools out there, along with a FREE executive session to review your profile. This tool has been validated worldwide, and is much deeper and more insightful than the typical four-square assessment tool. We also discuss over a dozen other assessment tools, so that you can choose for yourself which one(s) are best for your coaching practice.

Unlimited Email Support

You have access to me for as long as you need it. Even if you finish the program in three months, for example, you can still contact me anytime to discuss a client situation or opportunity. We can set up a call anytime to help you succeed. You are welcome to call, and it is a pleasure to be able to brainstorm with members and track their achievements and success.

Coach Practice and Review of Your Coaching

Practice is the key to becoming a successful Executive Coach, and we want you to feel completely comfortable with key coaching situations. For this reason, we match you up with other members to practice coaching. In addition, I am also available at no additional charge for one-on-one work and to practice challenging coaching situations with you. You can also email me recorded coaching sessions with a colleague or client for detailed feedback according to our in-depth review criteria. It is up to you. Note that these sessions are IN ADDITION to the group practice sessions on our weekly calls, and are completely personalized for you and your needs.

And don't worry about how much support you need to feel comfortable. Remember....CEC is a highly personalized program, not a "union" shop. We have members call us all the time for advice and support, and are happy to provide it. For instance, if you have a client situation and want to bounce ideas around with me, I will do my absolute best to accommodate you on short notice. In other words, once you are a member, you are a member for life and I am here to support you.

(NOTE: To get Certified with us, you only need 6 reviewed coaching sessions, either recorded with a colleague/client, or directly with us. However, take comfort in knowing that you get as much practice as you desire, with no time limit; this is something else that sets our program apart.)

Certificate documenting that you are a "Certified Executive Coach" from the Center for Executive Coaching.

Certificate for Center for Executive Coaching You receive an 8.5" X 11" certificate documenting your completion of the CEC program. This credential recognizes your mastery of the CEC proprietary materials, skills, strategies, and business acumen enabling you to offer the services of executive coach.

You also receive marketing collateral to add to your website or business card documenting your Certification.

You get these tools as interactive worksheets you can save with each client, and that lead you through the key issues to discuss and resolve.

Ongoing Referrals to Opportunities

The Center for Executive Coaching has a reputation for producing well trained- graduates, and so corporations as well as our members contact us frequently for referrals. Once you receive your CEC certification, we will be happy to refer you to these opportunities as they arise.

Lifetime Access to Our International Network

We have trained outstanding professionals from around the world and six continents. When you join us, you become part of our international network of executive coaches, and we connect you to members via our online social networking group, and by helping your form alliances among members.

International Coach Federation Accreditation as an ACTP

Our program has been approved as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). That way, you know that our program follows industry standard competencies and ethics. ICF approval assures that major organizations from around the world will recognize your Certification with us. Also, because we are an ACTP, if you choose to apply for a designation with ICF (a separate process), you get to use their streamlined application process so that you get your designation more rapidly and without additional hurdles.

But there's one more thing I'd like you to have.

Take Comfort.... The price is very affordable - and you have 4 options

The price of the program is set up so that you pay back your investment and more with just one client. Plus, we are happy to provide no-cost financing. You have 4 options, depending on your goals and budget.

If the financing options shows don't fit your budget, and you are a good fit, we are happy to spread payments out longer. Call Andrew Neitlich right away if financing is all that is keeping you from joining: 941-539-9623.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are other programs that are not accredited ACTPs with the International Coach Federation that offer 60-hour Certification programs. They don't offer anything near the support, practical toolkits, market-driven methods, or marketing guidance that we provide with our program. They also require that you fill in the ICF's Portfolio Application instead of their ACTP Application, which means you will have to jump through many more hoops -- and you can only get their lowest designation. These programs cost less. If you want one of those programs, call Andrew Neitlich directly at 941-539-9623. We can match the number of hours they provide, and give you a much more robust, powerful toolkit along with the support you need to succeed in the real world.

Option One: Get the Center for Executive Coaching Certified Executive Coach Designation.

If in doubt, start here. You receive everything described on this website, excepting the International Coach Federation (ICF) Mentor Coaching and Examination Process and ICF application support. This is the ideal program if you want to get Certified as an Executive Coach and learn best-practice conversations, tools and methodologies to get great results with clients. Many coaches don't have a need for or anticipate needing an ICF designation, or don't have the required paid coaching hours for an ICF designation; if this describes you, this option will get you set up with all of our content and materials to attract clients and establish yourself as a go-to coaching professional in your market. Plus, you can always upgrade at the then current pricing. The cost for this option is $5,000 -- which is in the mid-range of the market -- and you can pay in 10 monthly installments of $500 per month. Even if you get Certified sooner than 10 months, as most members do, you can keep paying your monthly installments. Or, pay up front and enjoy a $100 discount ($4,900).

Option One:
Click Here to Pay in Monthly Installments Click Here to Pay in Full (Before you register, we ask that you send us a resume to us at, and that we have a conversation to confirm fit. Questions? Call 941-539-9623. Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions)

Option Two: Get Certified as a Certified Executive Coach via an In-Person Seminar.

Accelerate your Certification as a Certified Executive Coach with our in-person seminar. We offer our 3-day seminar every quarter, in beautiful Sarasota, Florida (you only need to attend one). The seminar is a highly intensive coach training, and members come from all over the world. They absolutely rave about our seminar experience, which is high-energy, fast-paced, fun, and highly engaging. By attending a seminar, you accelerate your hours towards ICF, and also receive certification as a Certified Executive Coach through the Center for Executive Coaching. This Option includes everything described in Option One, along with the in-person seminar. The cost of this program is $7,500. You can pay in 10 monthly installments of $750, or pay up front and save $150 ($7,350).

Click here for more information about our seminar.

Option Two:
Click Here to Pay in Monthly Installments Click Here to Pay in Full (Before you register, we ask that you send us a resume to us at, and that we have a conversation to confirm fit. Questions? Call 941-539-9623. Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions)

Option Three: Get the Complete ACTP Program via Distance Learning.

If you already know that you want an ICF designation and are looking for a program to help you do that, choose this option. This option includes the comprehensive ICF Mentor Coaching & Examination process along with the full 125 hours (of which 100 are live hours) the ICF requires. The cost of this program is $7,500. You can pay in 10 monthly installments of $750, or pay up front and save $150 ($7,350).

Option Three:
Click Here to Pay in Monthly Installments Click Here to Pay in Full (Before you register, we ask that you send us a resume to us at, and that we have a conversation to confirm fit. Questions? Call 941-539-9623. Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions)

Option Four: Accelerate the ACTP Process by Attending an In-Person Seminar.

Accelerate your ACTP Program and Certification as a Certified Executive Coach with our in-person seminar. We offer our 3 and 4 day seminar every quarter, in beautiful Sarasota, Florida (you only need to attend one). The seminar is a highly intensive coach training, and members come from all over the world. They absolutely rave about our seminar experience, which is high-energy, fast-paced, fun, and highly engaging. By attending a seminar, you accelerate your hours towards ICF, and also receive certification as a Certified Executive Coach through the Center for Executive Coaching. This option, which includes everything we have, costs $10,000. You can pay in 10 monthly installments of $1,000, or pay up front and save $200 ($9,800).

Option Four:
Click Here to Pay in Monthly Installments Click Here to Pay in Full (Before you register, we ask that you send us a resume to us at, and that we have a conversation to confirm fit. Questions? Call 941-539-9623. Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions)


To encourage you to make a decision and take action, I would like to offer you the following three bonuses if you register now. These bonuses are worth over $3,500 and will not be available for long.

Bonus #1: Guru Millionaire- Yours FREE. A $79.00 Value. by Andrew Neitlich.

Within the 173 pages of Guru Millionaire, you can unlock a passive revenue stream. This is a thorough step-by-step method to create revenue that is not dependent on your time. In other words, you'll be free to pursue other activities while earning this income. I won't sugarcoat it, there's initial work to be done but you can accomplish this bit by bit as you concentrate on your new executive coaching business.

At a certain point, your efforts will reach a critical mass and you will see this hands-off income stream start to flow into your bank account. No, it's not a �get rich quick' scheme where you sit back and do nothing. But if you're prepared to do some initial work to start the 'passive income' ball rolling, you'll find overwhelming value in Guru Millionaire.

To my delight, Guru Millionaire has become a growing subject of interest from inquiries into this program. It's no wonder, given that it enables you to create a revenue stream based on knowledge you already have.

If you enroll in the CEC program today, I'll send it out to right away with all the other materials.

Bonus #2: 8 Hours of Executive Coach Demonstrations and Video Lectures - Yours FREE. A $950 Value.

Your program now also includes 8 hours of videos, broken out into 27 modules, that demonstrate best practices in Executive Coaching. These videos supplement your audio lectures and live teleclasses. They include lectures showing you how to coach executives in specific situations, and demonstrations of how to - and how NOT TO - coach your clients.

You get immediate access to these videos online as soon as you join the program. You can view them anytime, from any computer or mobile device. Also, they are conveniently broken out into specific coaching situations so that you can easily access the content you need, when you need it.

Bonus #3: Certification as a Career Transition Coach for leaders and executives. A $2,500 Value.

Members of the Center for Executive Coaching now also have full access to our sister program at the Center for Career Coaching, a program I developed based on my book Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career. This program costs $2,500 and includes a separate exclusive member area. Executives and managers are in frequent transition, and will appreciate working with a coach with in-depth knowledge of how to succeed in today's extremely challenging job marketplace. This program provides leading-edge strategies about finding the right opportunities, building one's network, being agile in one's career, and handling the most difficult career challenges. You get to join in for FREE when you sign up to become a Certified Executive Coach with The Center for Executive Coaching.

I love your humor! Great presentation, frameworks, and you even show how easy it can be to write a book. The overall value I received: expanding my thinking, networking, gaining new tools, and learning how to create and market my own effective tools and processes in my business.
- DJ Sie, Conscious Business Creation
I have moved from indecision to decision. You need to emphasize how much FUN it is! Positively energizing.
- Molly Sherrick Phifer

My Pledge to You

The CEC Pledge

  1. I will personally provide the highest level of personal support possible, including one-on-one discussions directly with me and a rapid turnaround time in responding to your requests and questions.
  2. I teach all classes personally, not someone I have trained. That way, you work directly with the program developer.
  3. My team and I will go out of my way to help you achieve your specific goals and aspirations as a leading executive coach and advisor.
  4. Once you join our program, you are a member for life. We don't just cut you loose after you graduate.

You now have all of the information you need to make a decision. The bottom line: If you are a good fit for this program and become a member, I will go out of my way to help you succeed as an executive coach, feel confident and competent, and turn your passion for coaching into success. If you think there is a fit, call me now at 941-539-9623, or email us at to set up a meeting.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you.

Andrew Neitlich Sincerely,
Andrew Neitlich
Founder and Director
The Center for Executive Coaching