Ground Rules

To make your experience and those of your cohort as productive and positive as possible, all participants in the program are required to follow these ground rules. Please make sure that you will commit to these groundrules before you join the program.

  1. You agree to do all your assignments on time. If an emergency comes up and you cannot, you’ll notify the members of your cohort and let them know a firm deadline when you can complete the late assignment.
  2. What happens in the program stays in the program. You agree to keep everything in this program confidential, including but not limited to: content; member area; what you hear; and forms, documents, emails, or other communications that you receive from other cohort members. You agree not to share anything with anyone else without express written permission — not friends, spouses, work colleagues, the media, social media, or any other people, networks, or forms of media not listed here. Preserving confidentiality is the only way that we can ensure a safe and productive environment where everyone can thrive.

    At the same time, you agree to use discretion in what you share in this program. You understand that we cannot guarantee that others in your program will follow this ground rule, and you agree that we cannot assume any liability if confidentiality is breached by members of your cohort. (Note: ATN Associates LLC/Center for Executive Coaching will not share your personal information with anyone else without your written permission).

  3. You agree to generate a constructive and positive attitude during the program.
  4. You agree to meet with at least one member of your cohort each week, for at least one hour, to give and receive coaching, and review your assignments. During these meetings, you agree to be coachable and open to hearing feedback. This doesn’t mean that you must do what the other person suggests (if they make suggestions), but that you’re open to listening.
  5. As in the real world, you’re likely to find that you naturally get along with some cohort members more than others. Different people have different styles. However, people who understand influence learn how to work with all sorts of people. You agree to be inclusive with your cohort and use your best efforts to build positive and productive relationships with each cohort member.
  6. We understand that things come up during a 3-month period for everyone: sickness, family matters, work matters, different energy and emotional states, and an occasional state of, “I don’t feel like it.” Leadership is about doing what needs to be done regardless of circumstances. Excepting severe emergencies, you agree to complete this program and all assignments regardless of circumstances, with a minimum amount of drama, and to get coaching as needed when circumstances come up.
  7. You will not ask anyone in your cohort for any type or commitment of money, time, or connections, or solicit from other members of the program in any way. Period. Report any violations immediately.
  8. You will either get the result you intended with an assignment or you will not. It’s highly unlikely that each, or even any, assignment will go perfectly. That is not the point. You agree to not take the results of any or all assignments personally. Instead, you agree to learn from the results and treat this program as a magnificent laboratory in which to test and experiment.
  9. Because you’re taking risks in the real world during this program, and because you’re responsible for the choices you make in this program, we suggest that you use good judgment and common sense and choose applications that have limited downside risk. For instance, when you’re asked to influence someone you know or make a bold request, we don’t recommend that you march into your boss’s office and demand a 500% raise while threatening to quit your job.
  10. You agree to report any technical issues that might keep you from logging in to your member area to: Because you have access to a PDF of your curriculum/manual, technical issues will not prevent you from completing your assignments.
  11. During the program, we ask you to apply influence in your own life. You choose how you do this and with whom. You understand that there are no guarantees when you attempt to influence another person or have a high-stakes conversation. Any actions you take in this program are completely of your own choosing. You assume all risks that arise from your decisions and actions. In legal terms, you agree to hold harmless and indemnify ATN Associates LLC, Center for Executive Coaching, and all members of your cohort from any consequences that happen to you as a result of participating in this program.
  12. There are no refunds. It is important that participants understand that we expect commitment from all participants. This is not a program for dabblers, for those who want a trial period, or for those who tend to have circumstances or convenient excuses come up when challenges arise. Once you join the program, you agree that you are in the program. If you have chosen to pay via monthly installments, you agree that this payment plan is for your convenience and not a subscription that you can cancel; you are committed both legally and morally to making all payments. If you pay up front, you agree that your payment represents a commitment to complete the program. If you would like more information or to schedule time to speak before you make the commitment to join, please send specific questions or requests directly to Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich:

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