Non-Profit Leaders: Here are 3 Reasons why Executive Coach Training can help your career and your organization

PLUS – Get our specialty designation “Non-Profit Leadership Coach” with any of our regular programs

At the Center for Executive Coaching, many of our members come from non-profit backgrounds. They understand why coaching is a growing profession in the non-profit arena. You can help boards work better together, help Executive Directors improve performance and handle issues like overwhelm, and strengthen teams and the organization as a whole.

  • Use coaching to make your current non-profit organization more effective. If you currently serve in a leadership role in a non-profit, you can use coaching to address a number of challenges: create strategic plans that actually get implemented, develop future leaders, resolve conflicts, help the board work more effectively, and build a strong culture.
  • By going through the coach training process, you become a better leader. You will discover new tools and methods to help you have more influence, communicate with impact, build stronger teams, strengthen your board, and plan for succession.
  • Set yourself up for a great encore career coaching non-profit leaders. It is a myth that non-profits have no money for coaching. Foundations provide capacity-building grants. Board members raise money for executive coaching and similar professional services. You can have a wonderful encore career combining your experience with top-tier executive coach training.

PLUS: Now, in addition to our regular Certified Executive Coach designation, we are offering you a specialty designation, Non-Profit Leadership Coach, included at no additional charge to you when you join any of our certification programs. We will work with you personally to develop competencies specific to non-profit organizations and leaders in order to earn this extra designation at your pace and convenience. Contact us at after reviewing your options below.

Almost every non-profit organization needs great coaches, and you can make a huge difference.

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Executive and Leadership Coach Training and Certification Programs

Proven, in-depth coaching methodologies to set you apart no fluff or academic theory. Click any of the programs below to learn more about which option is best for you.


ICF designation

Get your ICF designation PLUS our practical methods and processes for ongoing success.


Get the Board Certified Coach certification with the Certified Executive Coach

If you have a Masters Degree or higher, this certification is likely for you. The process is much simpler than the ICF designation application process and is included with all of our options.


Get Certified via our Intensive Seminar Training

Our acclaimed Certification seminar leaves you inspired and ready to start coaching leaders, managers, professionals, and up-and-coming talent.


Get Certified via Distance Learning

If in doubt, start here. You get everything you need to bring maximum value to your clients and succeed as a coach — delivered in the most flexible way possible for your busy schedule.

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